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Your common questions answered

Why is Flowerjinni the best option for online Cake and Flower Delivery?

Have you ever smelled happiness? Petals talk through their perfume. Now imagine happiness whizzing through the streets of your city right to your doorstep or that of your loved one! Flowers can complement someone’s beautiful personality and cakes are known to personalize the celebration of a dear one’s success, and our carefully handpicked gifts, help you convey your emotions with colors, fragrances and delicacies, instead of words as people commonly do.

So why not speak without saying a word? Let Flowerjinni do the talking!

From a humble bouquet delivery to a superb flower arrangement, our flowers are arrayed according to the occasion and just as you will. Much like our flowers, we follow the movement of the Sun. The posies are delivered by sun-down and we track each delivery with utmost precision and regularly update you on the progress of the order.

Got a sweet tooth? Pamper your taste buds with cakes from Flowerjinni!

To add to the sweet smell, why not gift something sweet for the taste-buds as well? Flowerjinni has got for you sweet smells and even sweeter tastes, with freshly baked cakes to compliment the fresh flowers! Our cakes will be delivered with the flowers to make any sweet-smellingaffair doubly sweet. Trust us when we say, our superfast cake delivery at any hour of the day can work wonders for you! Both our flowers and cakes can be customized and personalized by you or our in-house expert who has years of experience in flower-arrangements. Our cakes are sourced from experienced bakers who deliver oven-fresh cakes according to premium tastes.

Trust us to be the best flower-delivery in town!

From the colors found in a rainbow to a color box of crayons, our flowers match every shade you can imagine – from blushing orchids to the velvet petals of your favorite colored rose, charming carnation to beautiful gerberas, each flower speaks with its color and delivers your message by the end of the day. We specialize in fresh flower delivery right when you need it!

Superfast flower delivery and cake delivery like never before!

Think beyond the old traditional way of picking up wilted flowers at the end of the day with a cake from the local patisserie, and rather indulge in an affordable luxury of delivering the freshest buds and blooms with a sweet-treat to convey your sweetest feelings! Order your token of happiness on Flowerjinni and rest assured; take your surprise gifting game to the next level!

Need the best gift basket delivery on the same day? Our jinni is on the way!

Are you in a hurry to make the last minute purchase of the perfect birthday present for your loved one? Flowerjinni promises to take charge and deliver the best flowers and cakes in town to your beloved. We optimize the best options meant to suit the occasion in the least possible time. Our dedicated jinni works as fast as your heartbeat to reach the doorstep of your loved one on the same day.

Do we offer eggless cakes?

Yes, Flowerjinni has a variety of cakes available in different flavors. Customer satisfaction is our main aim and to accomplish this, we provide eggless cake delivery in India by keeping in mind the sentiments of pure vegetarians. These cakes are available in different sizes like half kg, one kg, two kg and so on. Apart from round shape cake, we also have designer cakes. The new experiments in the cake industry is the reason behind the evolution of designer cakes. Photo cakes are gaining more popularity these days. It basically deals with a photo which is added at the top of the cake. Enjoy your feast with yummylicious cakes !

Get your wishes granted ‘right on time’ on every occasion!

We value our patrons’ emotions traveling across the city, along with their tokens of love. So, we ensure that a gift basket delivery is fulfilled within the allotted time, in the best possible manner. We promise to fast track same day delivery of gifts and always keep you informed! Get a clear perspective of where your gift bag is and when is it scheduled to reach your loved one. The best of service in the least amount of time is what Flowerjinni is known for!

Flowers – A Perfect Gift

Flowers are magnificent. Not only do they win our hearts with their beauty but also communicate messages subtly. Often, when we fall short of words, these blooming buds of nature help us convey our emotions to our beloveds. Flower delivery is therefore an act of binding love between two souls through a promise of nature. To ensure same day flower delivery and carry your message to your loved one, Flowerjinni has come up with an online flower delivery system where you can send flowers online as gifts.

What are the different modes of payment for orders?

We provide you the easy interface for payment. Here are the payment modes through which you can easily make payments. Net banking, Debit cards, Credit cards, Flowerjinni wallet, Paytm wallet, and Paypal.

How do I track my order?

After placing an order go through the TrackOrder on the top right of the website and login into your account and go to the order you want to track and you can view the details of your order.

How do I send gifts at midnight in India from Flowerjinni?

Mark the delivery date at which you want to send gifts then select the delivery as 12:00 A.M. or while doing checkout you get the option for midnight delivery, check the box and continue with order. Your gift will be delivered at midnight on your desired date.