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Flowerjinni Terms and Conditions

1. Terms:

Whensoever in the context required , words "you","user","customer" shall mean any natural person using website service or application service and is registered member of website who agreed to be in binding contract with the term and condition mention in the chart . Terms we, us our shall mean Flowerjinni.com By using service of our website user has agreed to be in agreement to abide the term and condition of use of service.


Flowerjinni.com is e-commerce website operated and owned by Pareal Tech Solution Pvt Ltd,incorporated under law of government of India and registered in the state of Karnataka.

3.Product policy

3.1 Description:
We don’t proclaim that description of product and other content to be accurate and precise in nature, these are based upon our best knowledge and understanding. Product description is subjected to change from time to time and we reserve right to change such.
3.2 Pricing :
If price of any service or product is found to be incorrect due to typographical and other error and order has been placed at this price, then flowerjinni.com reserve the right to cancel or decline the order and the amount received against the order will be refunded in you account. We reserve right to change price of product and service from time to time. Price of product and service may be vary on certain occasion.
3.3 Substitution:
Substitution of product may done with prior acknowledgement to customer due temporary unavailability that product due regional and occasional issue. However with best understanding the essence of the purpose of order placed we will substitute the product with equal and higher value. We reserve the right to substitute the product unavailable due to above mentioned reasons.
3.4 Exactness:
Product is delivered through different vendors and partner in various cities hence We don’t guarantee the exactness of product to be delivered in context of colour and appearance what has been shown on website. With our best effort to deliver the product matching maximum which has been shown on website but variance in the appearance may be occur as per skill and understanding of regional chef and florist.(Cake and flower policy may be further elongated and categorized)

4.Order policy:

4.1 Acceptance and order placement :
4.1.1 Acceptance of order for product and service may vary from city to city,
4.1.2 For same day delivery order placed before 6 pm will be delivered on same day any order placed. Thereafter will be delivered on next day.
4.1.3 For Midnight delivery for same day order placed before 8 pm will be delivered on the same day midnight. Tips: If occasions is on 15th of any month then date for the midnight service while placing order should be selected as 14th
4.1.4 For Fixed time delivery order will be delivered in the selected time duration with taking delay of 30 minute after the selected time slot.
4.1.5 For early morning delivery on next day order should be placed before 7 pm on previous day.

4.2 Modification of order :
Modification of order in context of product or service or both will be entertained before 24 hr from the time of delivery any request made for any modification will not be entertained. For any modification user have to reach out to our customer service through mail or call. Any request made through mail will be reverted with in 4 hr of request.

4.3 Cancellation and refund:
4.3.1 Cancellation : For cancellation of order, request should be made 24 hr before the time of delivery with 20% cancellation charge,Such request should be made through mail to our customer service. If cancellation request is made within 24 hours of delivery cancellation charge of 50% will be applicable subjected that order is not prepared or out for delivery. If order is prepared or out for delivery then no request will be entertained and no refund will be made in this case. Order placed for same day delivery will not be canceled and treated as fulfilled.
4.3.2 Refund: If we fail to deliver any order on the selected date or occasion then refund full amount will be refunded in wallet or account in accordance with our terms and condition. Any refund request will be completed within 10 working days
4.4 Complaint:
Any complaint for damaged, defective and partial delivery to be reported within 2 hr of delivery via mail or through customer chat support, we will resolve the complaint within 24 hour of report of complaint by appropriate solution and will update you proactively with the status of complaint via mail or SMS or call.

5. Delivery Policy:

5.1 Flower selected in the product may be in the bloomed, semi bloomed , or bud stage depending upon local availability.For perishable product(I.e cake, Flower etc) will be attempted for delivery only once.
5.2 Time of delivery is not binding to us,delay of order delivery may occur depending upon availability of product and the location selected by you sometime order may be delayed due to bad weather, political disruption, communal issue,religious rally and uneven condition.
5.3 For Fixed time delivery order may be deliver 30 minutes ahead or later than the selected time time duration.
5.4 For standard delivery order may be delivery up to 9 pm on the day conditioned that order has been placed before 5 pm of the selected date .
5.5 For Midnight Delivery : order will be delivered between 11:00 pm to 11:59 pm subjected that order has been placed before 8 pm for the selected date.
5.6 Any order will be attempted for delivery once, order will be considered as delivered if not delivered in that attempt under below Circumstances and no refund will be made.
5.6.1 Recipient is not available at location
5.6.2 Premise is locked
5.6.3 Wrong Delivery address has been mentioned in the order.
5.6.4 Recipient has refused to accept the order.
5.6.5 Rider has reached the location but recipient number is not reachable or switched off In Such case no re delivery will be done we will update you regarding the issue actively through mail or SMS.
5.7 However, if recipient is not available at location then we will try to reach recipient for her/his next availability at location on the same day with added re-delivery charge subjecting to safe and intact return of order. We will coordinate with recipient to deliver the product at neighbour,reception, gate,safe place of premise or to known representative of recipient.
5.8 Delivery at restricted place like Hospital,P.G, Government building, company office,Hotels will be made at gate or reception or to individual which soever is allowed as per security measure of premise.
5.9 For Delivery at marriage or reception occasion,we don’t warrant that product will be delivered directly to bride or groom however we will make sure the delivery to made to known person of recipient so that gift may reach to them.
5.10 On the special occasion and rush day, we ever try our best to deliver the order in the scheduled time however on these days not time binding is there.You are advised to order at least days in advance from the selected occasion to avoid any inconvenience
5.11 For Remote area cities:
There is no binding for the assured time of delivery,Product may vary from the product shown on the website depending upon local availability of product and design prepared by local chef and florist. If order is not delivered on the selected day it will be delivered on the next day at earliest Midnight Order selected for any remote area or cities may be delivered earlier also subjecting to security concern and reach to the location.

6. Communication:

We at flowerjinni.com like to celebrate all your occasion through your gifting needs,hence we will send you notification through mail,SMS,call to remind your occasion to celebrates with us with our new service and product. Hence you agree to allow us to send such notification through above medium when you are using our website, as by using our website your consent to be in binding contract to abide by our terms and condition.

7.User Policy:

7.1 User Details:
When you register at our website an account and password is provided to you, it is your responsibility to maintain safety of your account details ,any activity done using your account details will be solely liable to you only.we don’t have any liability for any activity through your account details.In case of security breach of your account you have to immediately inform us to prevent any further illegal or unwanted activity through your account. We reserve the right to suspend your account temporarily or permanently and disallow you from using your account on the ground of suspicion of illegal,immoral and unnatural activity through your account. We reserve the right to terminate or block your account on ground of incomplete, inaccurate,in consistent information provided by you.
7.2 Fraudulent user:
We reserve the right to suspend your account temporarily or permanently and disallow you from using your account on the ground of suspicion of illegal,immoral and unnatural activity through your account.We reserve the right to terminate or block your account on ground of incomplete, inaccurate,in consistent information provided by you.
7.3 User guideline :
7.3.1 Our service is based upon pin-code hence you are required to provide correct pin Code for the mentioned address of delivery.
7.3.2 For pin-code serving in the outskirt of City order will be accepted up to deliverable location of the that pin-code, kindly Contact us before placing order for these pin-code.
7.3.3 You are required to provide correct information of recipient I.e Name,contact Number,address etc for smooth delivery of order.While placing order any landmark provided by you will be easier for us to deliver the product more smoothly. Please read our order policy to better understanding of placing order for any occasion.

8.Jurisdictional Extent:

These term and condition are in accordance with law of government of India .Any dispute or claim arising are subjected to Court of law at Bangalore.