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Have you ever smelled happiness? Petals talk through their perfume. Now imagine happiness whizzing through the streets of your city right to your doorstep or that of your loved one! Flowers can complement someone’s beautiful personality and cakes are known to personalize the celebration of a dear one’s success, and our carefully handpicked gifts, help you convey your emotions with colors, fragrances and delicacies, instead of words as people commonly do.
From a humble bouquet delivery to a superb flower arrangement, our flowers are arrayed according to the occasion and just as you will. Much like our flowers, we follow the movement of the Sun. The posies are delivered by sun-down and we track each delivery with utmost precision and regularly update you on the progress of the order.
To add to the sweet smell, why not gift something sweet for the taste-buds as well? Flowerjinni has got for you sweet smells and even sweeter tastes, with freshly baked cakes to compliment the fresh flowers! Our cakes will be delivered with the flowers to make any sweet-smellingaffair doubly sweet. Trust us when we say, our superfast cake delivery at any hour of the day can work wonders for you! Both our flowers and cakes can be customized and personalized by you or our in-house expert who has years of experience in flower-arrangements. Our cakes are sourced from experienced bakers who deliver oven-fresh cakes according to premium tastes.
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